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Bike & Zoo: A Thrilling Experience for Animal Lovers

Get on bikes on a refreshing tour to a destination for animal lovers: the Straubing zoo. The zoo was founded in the 1930s and is one of the four biggest zoos in Bavaria (the biggest zoo in eastern Bavaria) and home to about 1800 animals in 200 species, indigenous as well as exotic wildlife.

The Experience
There are two tropical houses with parrots, reptiles, giant snakes or small tamarins representing the hot and humid jungles of South America or Africa. Outside, there are large enclosures for brown bears, European bison, lions and even Amur tigers. Rare and almost extinct animals such as the red panda or the northern white-cheeked gibbon have found a home in Straubing Zoo to breed, cared for by the keepers and coordinated by the international zoo community. If you want to get up close and personal with some of the animals, go to the petting zoo with its cheeky African goats and woolly black-nosed sheep. A special highlight of the zoo is the so-called Danubium with its huge aquarium. It illustrates the aquatic ecosystem along the river of the Danube with up to 40 native fish species in the water as well as the animals on its riverbanks such as otters and beavers. Another highlight is the reconstructed Neolithic farmhouse, the only one of its kind in Bavaria: people were already living in this area around 4000 years ago and built houses like this one.

Children can let off steam in the large playground, while you can round off your visit to the zoo with a Straubing beer in the cosy beer garden at the kiosk under large trees.

Duration 3 hours
Guide costs € 125,00
Entrance fee € 7,00 adults, € 5,00 children
Entrance fee (group) 15 people: € 6,00 adults, € 4,00 children
Special information Guided tour through the zoo:
45 minutes 35,00 €
90 minutes 50,00 €

All prices subject to change.

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Tiergarten Straubing

Impressions of an awesome bavarian town

Points of view

Quiet corners, narrow alleys, century-old houses with facades that tell stories and – right in the middle – the 68 meters high city tower with its striking five spires: Welcome to Straubing at the Danube.

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Fotowerbung Bernhard, Jürgen Sperl

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