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Carmelite Brewery - Mindfully Brewed Bavarian Beer

Monastic tradition is our model. Against the secular background of modern life traditional values are a central component of our model. Ethical responsibility towards nature and human beings is very important for us. This especially includes openness, honesty, respect and esteem in cooperation between the employees, customers and the public. The resistant adherence to uncompromising artisan quality in all facets, with which we set the basis for the experience of drinking beer, is very important to us. Since the early days the commitment to the joy of life and to worldly pleasures has been a key to well-being for the monks.

The resulting responsibility is the basis of our thoughts and actions, which we do with heart and hand. We want to be a role model in quality and power. In all of our considerations customers and consumers are out center of interest with their needs. Personally and professionally competent employees work hard every day with joy of our interest, energy and with a conscientious responsibility for the endurance of this claim.

The Experience - Enjoy mindfully brewed beers with all your senses.
From the small grain of barley to the perfect beer, we will show you how our Carmelite beers are created. You will learn how traditional monastic brewing is combined with the most modern brewing technology can be brought together. And like us, with mindfulness and innovation thereby reducing our ecological CO2 footprint by over 99.5%. Afterwards you can enjoy, together with the beer sommeliers, the world of sensory and taste. Together you will taste 4 - 6 Carmelite beer specialties. At the end of the tour each guest will receive a beer glass as a gift.

Duration 2 hours
Costs € 25,00 / people
Special information Max. 30 people, coach transportation from / to ship

All prices subject to change.

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Karmeliten Brauerei Karl Sturm GmbH & Co. KG

Impressions of an awesome bavarian town

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Quiet corners, narrow alleys, century-old houses with facades that tell stories and – right in the middle – the 68 meters high city tower with its striking five spires: Welcome to Straubing at the Danube.

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