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Explore the Danube comfortably from atop a bicycle

Bicyclists from all over the world meet at the famous Danube bike trail: 2,850 kilometers (1,770 miles), eight countries, one river, and a lot of fun. One leg of the Danube bike trail passes through Straubing: on a three-hour tour through Lower Bavaria’s Gäuboden region, bikers pass lush green meadows, quaint farms and idyllic villages with onion dome churches, and wooden balconies, on which geraniums blossom in bright red and pink. The tour invites visitors to get a closer look at the region’s flora and fauna and its conservation. Experiencing country and people quite comfortably from a bike’s seat.

Duration 3 hours
Guide costs € 125,00
Special information Bike tour starts / ends at ship, 30 km / 19 mi, flat terrain & paved bike trials, max. 18 people

All prices subject to change.

Image sources

Tourismusverband Ostbayern
Straubinger Tagblatt

Impressions of an awesome bavarian town

Points of view

Quiet corners, narrow alleys, century-old houses with facades that tell stories and – right in the middle – the 68 meters high city tower with its striking five spires: Welcome to Straubing at the Danube.

Image sources

Fotowerbung Bernhard, Jürgen Sperl

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