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NAWAREUM: Energy of the Future

Save the planet: discover how at the NAWAREUM
Brand new and exciting: The natural science and technology museum NAWAREUM provides a hands-on approach to experience sustainability in a fun and interactive way. The exhibition covers diverse topics such as climate change, the life of plants, renewable resources, and next-generation technology. The largest exhibit is the building itself. It was constructed as a passive house and uses a variety of renewable energy sources. The museum garden invites visitors to explore and relax – and to discover regenerative resources as they grow.

The Experience
An inside look – fascinating and interactive: Experiment with different forms of energy at the giant marble run. Learn interesting facts about our food in "Restaurant Earth". Test a range of hydroelectric turbines and power wind turbines. Enter the "house in a house" and playfully discover ways to make everyday life climate-friendly. Or work in teams to supply an island with renewable energy at one of the interactive game tables. Visitors of all ages will be inspired to discover the exhibition, which is presented in German and English language.

Our Guided Tours
Our highlight tours will provide you with an overview of the topics of sustainability, nature, climate change, renewable materials and regenerative energies. Together we will discover various highlights of the exhibition - from the foundations of our earth to the diversity of renewables and their uses. In the process, we will encounter the challenges of our time and learn about the solutions of tomorrow.

Duration 1 hour
Guide costs € 30,00
Entrance fee € 5,00
Entrance fee (group) 15 people € 3,00
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All prices subject to change.

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NAWAREUM - Franziska Schrödinger

Impressions of an awesome bavarian town

Points of view

Quiet corners, narrow alleys, century-old houses with facades that tell stories and – right in the middle – the 68 meters high city tower with its striking five spires: Welcome to Straubing at the Danube.

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