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Straubing From a Bird’s Eye View

Straubing’s landmark is the historic city tower – a medieval fire and watch tower, ceremonial groundbreaking was 1316, which has been further developed step by step up to the watchman's apartment which has finished in the 16th century. The Gothic building protrudes with a height of 68 meters (223 feet) and eight floors into the white and blue Bavarian sky.

The Man in the Tower
The watchman’s apartment is located underneath the five spires of the former watch tower. This is where the watchmen of Straubing used to live up until the year 1927, watching over the city and warning of fires.

The Experience
Join a fun educational climb of the 700 year old city tower. A guided tour offers visitors not only a chance to climb up high into the watchman’s apartment and enjoy an impressive view of Straubing, of the Danube and the surrounding Bavarian forest as part, but also an opportunity to learn more about the exciting history of the tower and the city of Straubing. The guide will take you back to the old days and to the watchman's daily chores, duties and his personal life.

Duration 1 hour
Guide costs € 95,00
Special information Max. 14 people, physically active (227 stairs, 68m, 223ft)
Inclusions Entrance fee, narrated climb of the historic tower, close up view of carillon, best view of Straubing

All prices subject to change.

Image sources

Fotowerbung Bernhard

Impressions of an awesome bavarian town

Points of view

Quiet corners, narrow alleys, century-old houses with facades that tell stories and – right in the middle – the 68 meters high city tower with its striking five spires: Welcome to Straubing at the Danube.

Image sources

Fotowerbung Bernhard, Jürgen Sperl

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